Let's Take Care of Your Spine - A Hands-On Workshop

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Do you suffer from pain in your neck and back intermittently throughout the day?

Or do you have problems sleeping because you wake up in the middle of the night with pain in your body?

Perhaps you don't have pain but you'd like to understand more about how you can care for your spine.

We understand.

Back and neck pain are the most frequent cause of health complaints among the young and old. Due to the demands of our lifestyle; sitting for long periods of time, looking at our mobile phones and intense training sessions - there's no wonder why we have neck and back pain. Most times these pain are muscle strains, however if the pain persists for more than two weeks and affecting the way we walk and move, we may be looking with a more serious problem.

Our spine is the main structure that holds the body together, just like a tree trunk. As we age, spinal degeneration is inevitable. While degeneration of our knees and hips can be visible in modern day imaging, it is not usually the case for our spine. People who suffers from spinal issues may not even notice it for a long time, allowing the problem to worsen without us knowing.

Here to help.

Which is why, at 1-Habit, we care for your spine and we want you to be aware of this and to learn and educate yourself on how you can take care of your spine over the years.

Come join our Recovery Instructor Jess and Head Coach Aqilah for a hands-on session and learn more about your spine, common spinal conditions and conventional treatments. You'll also spend some time learning yoga poses that can improve posture and strengthen your spine and back.

We will also spend some time talking about potential nutrition modifications that you can make in your life to help you with a healthy spine.

Date: 7th September 2019
Time: 12-3pm
Venue: 1-Habit Studio, 51A Bussorah St #02-01

Free door gift and healthy refreshments for everyone! The workshop is $35 for public and $30 for 1-Habit Members (please message your Coach for the coupon code :))

Register now, spots are limited to 10 pax and is open for all genders!

About Jess

Jess is a registered nurse and a yoga instructor. Being in the healthcare sector for the last 14 years, Jess understands the need for self care before healthcare. She leverages on her knowledge to guide people to take charge of their health by incorporating various components like yoga, diet and mindfulness practice.

About Aqilah

Aqilah is Founder of 1-Habit and a personal trainer and nutrition coach. She takes pride in healthy, sustainable nutrition habits and understands the struggles of her clients in changing their lifestyle because she has been in their shoes. She believes that everyone deserves a shot of healthy change, without any restrictions and rigidity.