4-Week Supercharge Your Fat Loss Program

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Need a massive reboot in your fitness and health?

Feel like you just need a kick in the butt to get started and continue your momentum from there?

Stop feeling helpless and start making a change in your lifestyle with our 4-Week Supercharge Your Fat Loss Program.


If you are:

  • Overweight and feel like you need to start losing fat
  • Tired of feeling so helpless and exhausted all the time
  • Driven to make a change so that you can achieve your fat loss goals

Then this is for you! In just 4 weeks, without crazy diets, meal replacement shakes and unrealistic restrictions, let our team at 1-Habit Studio help you kickstart, and supercharge, your fat loss journey so you can:

  • Exercise safely and learn how to do your own strength, HIIT and cardio exercises without hurting yourself
  • Create the momentum of training on your own, and not feel intimidated in the gym
  • Step on the right foot and learn how to create your own program - both in fitness and nutrition

Here's what you're getting in this 4-week program:

  • Five 1-on-1 personal training sessions with a partner who will push you to your limits and is 110% committed to getting you to your goals.
  • Unlimited classes at our Studio, which will be used to supplement your personal training and get the momentum running (please see below for class schedule)
  • A nutrition plan customised for you by our Head Coach, Aqilah

The total value for this program is $997 but for first-timers, we're offering this opportunity for you to work with us for only $495.

Don't miss out on this opportunity, get yourself going and stop feeling helpless. We're here to help, sans diet, restriction and crazy training plans.

You can get back your health again.

You can transform your body.

And you will.

Let us guide you.

How to kickstart this 4-Week Supercharge Your Fat Loss Program!

Step 1. Sign up by adding this service to cart

Step 2. Within 24 working hours, we will be in touch with the initial forms you need to fill in. This is important for us to pair you up with your coach (or what we call here partner) as the right partner can help you move ahead in your goals.

Step 3. Decide when to start the 4-week program!

Still deciding?

Email us at hello@1habit.co and one of our team members will be in touch with you.