Personal Training with Aqilah - 1 session

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IMPORTANT: You must've had a prior consultation with Aqilah before purchasing this. If you haven't had a consultation (which is free), we'd recommend you to book in to a consultation first by sending us a WhatsApp at 9385 0338.

With over 8 years experience coaching clients from all walks of life, you bet Aqilah will do anything it takes to get you to your goals, safely, effectively and sustainably.

Having started her career in 2011 at a large commercial gym, Aqilah went on to venture on her own, getting experiences from some of the world's best fitness and nutrition company's such as Sydney Bootcamps and Precision Nutrition. She spent the first 2 years of her career taking on as many clients as she can with a broad range of goals just to find out what she truly love doing. She chose to work with busy, stressful clients with weight issues because "being able to help them go from zero health to living a thriving, positive and healthy life" is the best feeling in this world ever. Today, Aqilah specialises in fat loss and nutrition, as well as overall stress management.

Personal training with Aqilah is motivational, fun and exciting - never the same at every session. If you'd like to work with a no diets, no restrictions and no nonsense personal trainer, she will be the one for you.