First Time Trial

Regular price $10.00

Want a taster of our body positive, inclusive Studio? Come by for your first trial at only $10 (usual price $25).

If you love what you've experienced, the $10 can be used to offset your first package with us - only if you sign up on the same day as your trial class.


Your first trial session will need to be done within 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

Check out our current class schedule by clicking here!


Welcome to our all-new revised Studio class sessions and packs. We're here to take care of you and ensure our classes are not just affordable, but accessible.

Just because we've lowered our price doesn't mean we're lowering in our standards. You will still get the same 1-Habit love and service from us in the Studio, with top notch instructors who are passionate in teaching you. We're creating a win-win solution here so that you'll love coming in to train in the Studio and at the same time allow us to have our space utilised so we can teach and coach more. Win.